10 km run (4 laps), 60 km bike (3 laps), 10 km run (4 laps)
Start and finish are next to the Park Hotel Horst.

The courses are signed out. Volunteers will mark the route on all intersections All courses will be marked out on Sunday morning and will then be closed for all traffic.

The run course (see map below) is a lap of 2.500 metres and will be run clockwise. Along the run course, you will find one aid / refreshments station. In both the first and the second run leg, all competitors have to do four laps.

The bike course consists of three laps of 20km each, and will be biked counter-clockwise. Along the bike course, you will find one aid/refreshments station, as well as the coach zone and a wheel station.

Bike course description:
R Tienrayseweg
R Peeldijkje
R Herenbosweg
L Eendenkooiweg
R Nachtegaallaan
L Slooierweg
R Slooierweg
L Danielweg
L Swolgensedijk
L Leeuwerweg
R Eikelenbosserdijk
R Herenbosweg / Mackayweg
L Spoorstraat / Tienrayseweg
R Wevertweg
R Kreuzelweg (NARROW)
R Nieuwenbergweg / Diepeling
L Valkenberg
R Klein-Oirlo
L Klein-Oirlo
R Castenrayseweg
TURNING POINT Castenrayseweg
L Lichtenbergweg / Kreuzelweg (NARROW)
R Kreuzelweg
R Tienrayseweg
– Go for second or third lap
– After completing third lap, R towards TA